Flathead Lake Things to See and Do

It’s that time of year.  In the Spring calls begin to come in, asking “what is there to do on Flathead Lake?”  We’ve compiled a few of the highlights for you, below.

  1. Rent a boat, pontoon, jet ski or canoe, paddle board or kayak from Boat Rentals and Rides on Flathead Lake, located at 44227 A Street in Big Arm, Montana (right next to Wild Horse Island State Park and Big Arm State Park).  Boat Rentals and Rides is conveniently located next to all of the most interesting things to see and do on Flathead Lake.  Why travel on the water for dozens of miles (especially if there is any chance of wind, waves, or rain) when you are able to rent equipment near the most exciting things to see and do on Flathead Lake?
  2. Alternatively, call us at 4062605090 to book a shuttle over to Wild Horse Island State Park.  The park is approximately 2100 acres, and it is home to the world’s largest Big Horn Sheep herd, a Bald Eagle Nesting ground, and five Wild Horses.  Geocaches are there, as well as nice trails and off trail hiking opportunities.  Climb up to a peak and get a 360 degree view of the lake and valley.  Shuttles cost $40/person roundtrip and leave/return as requested by our guests.
  3. Once on the water, stop by the Mission Mountain Winery, in Dayton.  You can tie your boat off at the dock and then walk around a reedy marsh to sample some local wines for a $5 fee, then receive the same $5 off of a bottle of wine.  Fun activity.
  4. Drive North along the shore to Cedar and Shelter Islands.  Shelter Island is home to the most expensive home in the state (still for sale, check it out!) and Cedar Island is state owned.  Cedar has an abandoned house (!) on it.  Explore the old abandoned orchard on the interior of the small island and find some really great private swimming beaches.
  5. Just barely North of Cedar Island, right on the mainland shore, is Painted Rocks.  This cliff face, which may only be seen by water, has some Native American paintings which have been dated to near 3000+ years ago.  Animorphs, buffalo, notches . . . and lots more.  Some are faded and international experts brought out equipment years ago to photograph the cliffs.  Several amazing old paintings – almost erased by time – were brought out by the sophisticated equipment.  Thoughts on the reason the paintings are there:  either a buffalo jump, or a place where braves became men via some sort of ceremony.  It’s a guess as to who the artists were.  Prior to the time the Salish and Kootenai tribes inhabited the area Flathead Lake was home to the Sempte Use Native Americans.  They may have had some artistic talent.
  6. Mack Alley gets its name from Flathead Lake’s Mackinaw Lake Trout.  They hang out in a trough separating Wild Horse Island and Melita Island (also known as Boy Scout Island).  Fishing is good.
  7. Chief Cliff is a sacred and beautiful place which is in full view and prominence in the Big Arm Bay, surrounding Wild Horse Island State Park.
  8. Bird Island is just North of Finley Point State Park, across from our location on the Eastern shore of Flathead Lake.  It is home to some 64 different types of migrating birds.  Bird watcher’s paradise!  Be Careful though.  The island is sort of an archipelago of shallow water and near-the-surface islands.  Dangerous for boats.  If you’re not careful you’ll damage equipment in the shallow waters surrounding Bird Island.