Wild Horse Island State Park

Here are some little-known facts about the Island:

  • It holds the world’s largest Big Horn Sheep. By a large margin.
  • The Big Horn Sheep herd is approximately 230 strong.
  • It is approximately 3 1/2 wide by 1 1/2 miles long.
  • There are hiking trails there.
  • The State Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks have sign boards and fee kiosks on Wild Horse Island, in at least two locations:  the main trailhead at Skeeko Bay, and another trailhead at Driftwood Point. The sign boards have maps of Wild Horse Island which show where the hiking trails are located and where the bathroom is situated, along with information about Wild Horse Island’s history and wildlife, among other things.  It is the largest island on Flathead Lake.  (Bonus fact – Flathead Lake, Montana, was named the cleanest lake in America!)
  • Montana state residents pay state park fees with automobile registration annually.  Out of state residents are subject to a nominal fee of a few dollars (it was $3).
  • Bears are very infrequently spotted on the island.
  • Wild Horse Island is approximately 23 minutes from the shore of our Big Arm Boat Rentals and Rides location on Flathead Lake.  We are the nearest boat rental service to Wild Horse Island.
  • Big Arm Boat Rentals and Rides on Flathead Lake provides shuttles to and from Wild Horse Island for $40/person roundtrip.  Reservations are suggested; you may make one by contacting us at 406.260.5090 anytime between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm, all season long.